Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change My Folder Icon?
Visit The Tutorial Section to find out step by step process.
Why is the file in .dll instead of .ico?
The Reason the icon file is in .dll format instead of .ico is because one dll file could contain many icons in one file, where as for the same set it would be like 8 different ico files. It causes alot of clutter on your computer, and would make way too many files to keep track of for download on this site. Imagin you visit AnimeIconz for the first time and see 30 icons for the Anime you like. Instead of looking through 30 times, you just look at 10 downloaded dll packs. Much Simpler
Will this work with RocketDock?
YUP, dll, png, ico all work perfectly with RocketDock.
How many Folders Icons can I change with one set?
UNLIMITED, you can change as many folders as you want to the icons you like. And You can Re-Use the same Icons as well.
How come the icon didn't change right after I pressed OK(apply)?
Sometimes Windows won't change your icon right away, you have to close the window and reopen it so the Window Refreshes with the new icon. If it still doesn't show up then maybe you made a mistake and didn't change the Folder Icons the right way, in that case head over to The Tutorial Section and make sure you did everything correct.
Can I change all my music files to another icon?
Yes, you can. but it requires a Windows Registry Edit for it to work. Its Risky to edit Windows Registry but if you follow the directions in the Tutorial Section, you can do it very easily
Do I need to keep all the Files after I changed my folders icon?
Depends, After you have installed the exe file you can delete the exe file. You can delete all the files that came after you installed the exe file EXCEPT the file that ends in .dll DO NOT DELETE the .dll file (Example: Pokemon_Pack_01.dll)
Why is the download in exe instead of rar or zip like normal people?
Not Normal? AnimeIconz is greatly offended by that claim. EXE Makes AnimeIconz Look Cool!
Will I get a Virus?
NO, but if you are still skeptical you can do virus scan or have someone you hate download the installer file on their computer first to check. After all of that if you still cautious then don't download anything.
Why is AnimeIconz not allowing me to download?
It could be because of any of the following reasons below:

1. You Have Somekind of a Ad-Blocker Running on your computer, It takes alot of effort to run this site. You Could Disable your Ad-Blocker and refresh the page to try downloading again.

2. You Could Have Reached your download limit for today. The Hosting Provider for this site has Rules and Restrictions which have to be followed. Allowing one person to download would cause problems for others. You are Welcome to come back tommorow and you should be able to download.

3. The Servers Could be currently Offline, so try again after a few hours or 2-3 days.

4. If you are using Internet Explorer then the problem is with your computer, to fix this use a more up to date and secure browser like Google Chrome OR Firefox.

5. If its none of the above then leave a comment, and it will be looked into.
Why is there a limit?
The Hosting Provider for this site has Rules and Restrictions which have to be followed. Bandwidth has to be controlled
Can I share these on other sites?
No, it takes alot of effort to make these icons and it would be really discouraging to see them somewhere else. What you can do is send them the link to and have them get what they want directly
Can I share these icons with my friends?
Yes, Only if they are your best friends. It would be better if you just tell them to visit us on this site directly
What does the Batman message mean?
Batman message means that either the server was down and unavalible OR it could also be that the page you were visiting was incorrect
How can I Help?
You Can Help by Donating $200(dollars) to my College funds, if that's too much to ask then you can just click on any Advertisement on AnimeIconz. Also recommending this site to other people or forums will be also nice.
What OS do these work for?
It works For Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7) Will there be Icons for MAC's and/or Linux in the future? (Yes, sometime in the future. But as of now Hosting provider has limitation on how much of the site bandwidth gets used
Windows 7 doesn't show me the Change Icon Button?
You are in "Documents Library" view, rather than the actual "Folder Location"
1. Right-click the folder you want to change the icon of

2. Select "Open Folder Location"... it's just above "properties"

3. Once you are in the "Folder Location", right-click the folder again that you want to change

4. Select "Properties" at the bottom

5. Select "Customize"... the far right tab

6. the "Change Icon" button is at the bottom
[Note: For the changed icon to show up in the "Library" view also, you may need to close and re-open file explorer]
What if, I don't like the Icons I downloaded for some Anime?
You can Always Click on "Restore Default" button from the same method you changed the icon from.
Why do some icons link to
AnimeIconz use to be hosted on domain, but due to unfortunate circumstances, the site had to be moved on to a new domain at - - That's the reason all the older Icon files still retain the link in their info.
This site stinks, What do you think I should do?
"OMG! This site is awesome!"??
I'm Sorry To Hear That
Who do you Think will read this whole FAQs?