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If you're a regular visitor on AnimeIconz, then you already know that you can change how your folder looks by using the icons provided on this site. Having each PC folder look different, and matching with the theme of your favorite anime is just awesome, because you get bored of looking at the same windows boring icons.

Now look at how much Music you have on your computer. Won't it be amazing to have a cool anime symbol to represent all your music. Like Having something from One Piece, Naruto, or Death Note, be the Iconic symbol for all your music. Won't that be Nice?



This tutorial will change all of that boring look, and show you how to customize your MP3 Files


This Tutorial is ONLY for advance users, who know good amount about computers and won't make any mistakes. If you can't follow the directions correctly then don't follow this tutorial.


Step 1

Decide which icon you want to use from AnimeIconz, and download it

(Download ANY ICON pack you want, its your choice)

Step 2

Install the Icons like you usually do from AnimeIconz. You will be left with a .dll file that holds your icons.
example: Naruto_01.dll, One_Piece_05.dll, Test_Icons.dll, etc

You can delete everything else that is not the main .dll file

Step 3

Move this dll into a separate folder in a secure location where you won't accidently delete it. Like in
c:\ (New Icons Folder) \ Myicons.dll

Step 4

Now Time to Save the Location. This is very easy.

  1. Press the SHIFT key + Right Click on you random_icon.dll file
  2. After you see the right click menu you can let go of SHIFT, don't need to hold it anymore
  3. Go down the menu, and click where it says "Copy as Path"

Picture on next slide

  1. Now go Open Notepad (Or word document, your choice)
  2. Paste (Ctrl + V)
  3. You should see something like:
    "c:\Documents\Anime Icons folder\one_piece_icons_02.dll"
    NOTE: The Above is just an example, your paste will be different than mine.
  4. Remove the quotes from both sides like this:
    c:\Documents\Anime Icons folder\one_piece_icons_02.dll
  5. Save this Notepad file, we will need this soon

Step 5

Deciding which Icon to use and how

Open up your icons (from dll file), like you do when you are changing folders

If you still don't know how to that, then go back to Basic Tutorial Section, this is not for you.

Pick Icon Number

Decide which icon to use from your Icon Pack. Then Pick the Icon Number like the example below.

Step 6

Open the Notepad you saved before in step 4

  1. When you see the path you saved before. For Example:
    c:\Documents\Anime Icons folder\one_piece_icons_02.dll
  2. At the end of the line right after .dll add a comma(,)
  3. After the comma add the Icon Number you picked in the last page.
    (I picked 0, You can pick what ever icon you like from your icon pack)
    c:\Documents\Anime Icons folder\one_piece_icons_02.dll,0
    (You can pick something else, like 7, or 8, or 9, and use that instead)
    c:\Documents\Anime Icons folder\one_piece_icons_02.dll,7
  4. Save this Notepad file again.

Step 7

Editing Windows Registry


If you use Windows 7 or Windoes Vista [for WindowsXP click here]
► Click on Start Button
► In the text area where it says "Search programs and Files"
► Type in "Regedit"and hit enter

► Windows Prompt pops up, Click YES

Windows XP users section

► Click on Windows start button
► Cick on Run
► In command prompt (the black window), type regedit

Press the UP arrow key to go back up.

You should see this

Step 8

First finding which "FOLDER NAME" to look for


If you are using Media Player classic then your Folder name will be: mplayerc.mp3

If you are using Windows Media Player then your Folder name will probably be: WMP11.AssocFile.MP3

go next to find your program folder name.

On the left side, Click on the arrow next to the folder that says HKEY_CURRENT_USER

Keep Expanding these folders in order

  • Software
  • Microsoft
  • Windows
  • CurrentVersion
  • Explorer
  • FileExts
  • .mp3
  • UserChoice

Step 9

Almost Finished!

Make everything go back to normal like it was before, so click on the arrow to change it back to
Making All the Folders below go back up and dissapear.


Click on the top most Folder by the name of:


Click on ► to expand this folder

Remember The Folder Name we got in Step 8?

My "Folder Name" was called:


Your's could be called the same or it could be called something else like WMP11.AssocFile.MP3 or VideoLan. Depends on which program you use to play your music.

  • After you opened HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT,
    you will notice alot of folders open below
  • Now Scroll down and look for that "Folder Name" you saved before in notepad,
    Mine was mplayerc.mp3 because I use Media Player Classic for music
  • You should look for your own folder name. The One you saved before. If you still don't know your folder name then go back to Step 8

Click on your "Folder Name"

Click on the Folder "DefaultIcon" (like above)

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT > mplayerc.mp3 > DefaultIcon

Changing the Icons

Double Click on the Icon Where it says default

Changing the Icons

You will get a Popup Box like this:

You can save the highlighted part, by copy pasting it in Notepad somewhere and save it. Just Incase you want to change it back to the original icon

Changing the Icons

Empty the Text Field under Value Data

Changing the Icons

Open the Notepad file you saved at the very beginning

Copy The Whole text YOU saved earlier


Changing the Icons

Go back to Registry Editor and Paste the text, inside the Value Data Box like in the picture below

Press OK

Make everything go back to normal like it was before, so click on the arrow to change it back to
Making All the Folders below go back up and dissapear.


  1. Close the Registry Editor
  2. Restart Your Computer
    Your new icon for all your MP3 files will be updated, after you Restart your PC

You Did it, You have finally finished this long tutorial.

Step 10 was a LIE

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Click Here To Leave a Comment on this Tutorial