If you have Never changed the Theme for your desktop folders then this tutorial will teach you how to change Icons for your folders. It is completely safe to do and if you don't like it you can always change it back to what it was before. Its just like Changing your computer's wallpaper.

1. Click to Download the Icon Pack from this site.

step 1

2. Download the Icon Pack. To any New Folder You Like

step 2

P.S (NO Need to be Afraid of the exe file, you can scan it if you like)

3. Remember The Location where you choose to install.

step 3

4. Go to the folder where you picked to install the file in Step 3

step 4step 4

5. Pick A Folder Anywhere On Your Computer. Or Create a New Folder if you like, it doesn't matter.

step 5

6. Right Click on that folder >> Then After the menu appears then look for the option that says "properties" >> After you find it then click on it.

step 6

7. After A new Box Appears, Click On the Top Tab Where it Says Customize. Like in the Picture Below

step 7

After Clicking It Should Look Like this below, go ahead and click on Change Icon button>>

step 7b

8. A new Box should pop-up with icons already, Notice how the Default browse section shows a SHELL32.dll file.

step 8

Click on that Browse Button and find the location of that .dll file you Installed(SEE Step 4), For This Example it as called: Test_Icons_01.dll

step 8b

9. You Should Start Seeing All The Icons you downloaded from one box, Simple as that

step 9step 9b

Now Click OK or APPLY then you are finished, if you Icon still doesn't change then close this folder and reopen it and you should be able to see a New Anime Image for your Folder, Instead of that boring thing. You can do this as many times for unlimited amount of Folders, as long you don't delete that .dll you installed (So Make Sure to Put it in a Safe Place)

10. Step 10 was a LIE!

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